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References customers

We needed to transport our employees to schooling in Germany. The communication with the firm went without any problems and we were approached very professionally. We certainly recommend this company.

avatar Tereza T
avatar Pavel Š

The transportation was fast, safe, conducted by an experienced driver.

Being a family going on holiday, we were very pleased by a large, spacious minibus.

avatar Veronika K
avatar Pavel Z

I would like to give a very positive feedback on the transportation service of this company. Without any waiting or needless delay, we were transported by a beautiful car. Thank you.

Great care for the customer and non-stop assistance, I can recommend this car rental.

avatar Marek B.
avatar Jakub D.

I was pleased by the lift from the railway station to the car rental and great presentation of the car.

I used contractual transport service to the airport in Vienna. I went by a new, very comfortable car. I was really satisfied.

avatar Filip Z.
Student, Olomouc, Lazce

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